After searching to continually improve the performance of its processes and the quality of its products, Coopar S.A. has been developing activities to introduce management systems. Thus, Coopar S.A. has worked to guarantee the quality in his management and, as a result, to keep improving the opportunities in national and international markets, which are increasingly competitive.

Certificate of Product
Rice Blue Patna

Consequently, by the end of 1996, the company obtained the certificate of the product “Rice Blue Patna” (known at the time as Quality seal LATU), which referred to the requirements established for grade 1 rice in the National Bromatological Regulations (Decree 315/1994 of the República Oriental del Uruguay).

This product certification is currently given by LSQA (LATU + QUALITY AUSTRIA).

Certificate of Quality
Management System

Following this path, in 1999 the company obtained the certificate from LATU Systems, ÖQS and IQNet for its management system based in the ISO Standard 9002:1994 with reference to “Production and commercialisation of rice”.

In the year 2000, Coopar S.A. obtained the certificate of the system based in the ISO Standard 9001:1994, now with reference to “Products design”, and in 2001, “Multiplication, production and classification of seed” was added to the certificate.

At the moment, the company is certified by LSQA, Quality Austria and IQNet based in the ISO Standard 9001:2015 with reference to “Multiplication, production, classification, and commercialisation of seed; Design of food products; Production and commercialisation of rice”.

At the same time, supported by its management system, Coopar has kept documenting and implementing operational and management aspects in other processes of the company, including the Factory of rice flour noodles, the Cookie factory and the Rations factory.

Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice

Como fruto de estas actividades, en 2013 se ha obtenido una nueva certificación.
La misma corresponde al Sistema de Gestión en Buenas Prácticas de Manufactura para el alcance “Elaboración de pastas secas de harina de arroz” y fue otorgada por SGS..

Future plan

These achievements have been accomplished thanks to the commitment of the Management and the training, participation and team work of the company’s staff, all of which will set the foundations to carry on by the best path possible.

These principles are displayed in the Policy of Quality of Coopar S.A.