Zonas de Cultivo
Cerro Largo
Treinta y Tres

Plantas Industriales
Rocha (Pastas)
Cerro Largo (Recibo – Secado y Molino)
Treinta Y Tres (Recibo - Parboiled - Aceite)
Lascano (Recibo – Secado y Molino)
Maldonado (Arroces Saborizados)

El Cultivo de Arroz.

The delicate assignment of conditioning the soil, choosing the varieties, knowing the sowing dates, and handling the irrigation are all complex variables present in the mind of every COOPAR S.A.’s producer in every yield of rice.
Our Technical Agricultural department is made up of specialised professionals, who permanently act as consultants in the development of the production cycle: soil movement, sowing and its different alternatives, irrigation supply, and the harvest.