Our Company

To be a company known for the excellence of our products and services at a national and international level, and therefore to achieve continuous improvements in the quality of life of stockholders, producers, staff, suppliers and customers, in harmony with the society and the environment that surrounds us

• Upgrade the level of satisfaction of our clients throughout a variety of competitive products, which fulfil every specified requirement, including codes, rules and all legal and regulation demands to be applied.

• Boost an innovative style and the development of new products and activities according to the demands and needs of the local and international market. Maintain the leadership achieved by the brand Blue

• Patna in the local market, and keep improving at an international level, by the introduction of a quality system that guarantees the excellence of our products and services to our customers.

• Develop, introduce, maintain and improve continuously the effectiveness of the above-mentioned quality system, based in the ISO Standard 9001, implicating the full support of the Management and its responsibility of guaranteeing an adequate functioning and the compliance of the requirements.

• Encourage an appropriate relationship of increasing technical level with the producers and suppliers by means of clear demands that will allow us to obtain supplies according to our requirements, and motivating them to develop a quality management system.

• Use the technological resources that enable us to fulfil the demands regarding the care for the environment. Base the accomplishment of the mentioned points in the group effort of all our staff through a commitment with quality, participation, team work and training.