GALOFER S.A. is a consortium between Uruguayan rice mills that provides rice hulls for energy generation, and COOPAR S.A. is involved in this important national undertaking, where the main goal is to generate energy throughout a renewable source such as rice hulls. The energy generation project will have a positive impact on the environment because it will implicate a reduction in the Greenhouse gases; simultaneously, the main waste of the rice industry (rice hulls) will be eliminated. These rice hulls cause some environmental problems involving the rice mills. It is the first company to generate energy throughout rice hulls in Uruguay. At the same time, it is the second company in the world according to its size with a 14 MV generation.

ARROZUR S.A., integrated by COOPAR S.A. as a stockholder, is the only rice plant in the country to parboil rice, with a production capacity of 156,000 tons of rice with hull per year. This company has in its facilities, besides a Plant of Production of Parboiled Rice, a Plant of Extraction and Refining of Rice Bran Oil. The industrial complex ARROZUR S.A., located in the department of Treinta y Tres in the km. 283 of route 8, recently opened a Plant of Renewable Fuels, with a production capacity of 4,500 litres / Biodiesel Day.
Esta empresa posee en sus instalaciones además de la Planta de Elaboración de Arroz Parboiled, una Planta de Extracción y Refinación de Aceite de Arroz. El complejo industrial ARROZUR S.A. está ubicada en el departamento de Treinta y Tres en el Km. 283 de la ruta 8, recientemente se procedió a inaugurar una Planta de combustibles Renovable, con una capacidad de Producción de 4.500 Litros / Día de Biodiesel.


COMISACO S.A. is a society between COOPAR S.A. and SAMAN S.A., where they jointly administer the licence over of the Dam of India Muerta. It has a dam up volume of 127,500,000 cubic metres with an irrigation capacity for rice of 10,000 has. per year. The volume of the embankment is 1,763,000 cubic metres of clay, creating a 3200-metres dike. The system reaches an area of approximately 40,000 has. The irrigation service started in 1982, providing both companies with an excellent water supply for the cultivation of rice up to today.